The Counselling Service offered by the Cana Movement – Floriana.

The service of counselling at Cana goes back a long way.  Following the inception of the first marriage preparation courses in 1952, came the start of counselling in Malta with the help of its pioneer Dun Charles Vella.  It was in the later fifties that the first cohort of counsellors received their training in marriage counselling in the UK, a practice which continues till the present day.

Counselling is a confidential process designed to help clients address concerns they are having in their relationships and life in general.  This process helps them to acquire a greater understaning of themselves.  It gives the opportunity to clients to learn how to cope more effectively both personally as well as interpersonally.  Overall counselling involves the development of a relationship between the client and a trained counsellor, qualified psychotherapist or psychologist, the scope of which being to help the client ultimately accomplish one’s goals or come to terms with difficult situations or decisions.

The counsellors at Cana, a group of dedicated individuals who have received training in counselling, or psychotherapy, and practiced for a number of years, offer their valuable time to help clients in their difficulties, which continue to grow with the ever-increasing demands on families and couples today.  Counselling is offered to clients who present with work and family challenges, problems of infidelity, relationship conflicts, separations, communication difficulties, sexuality related issues, bereavement and loss, issues related to spirituality, and mental health difficulties.

The nature of counselling involves sharing information that may be sensitive, personal and private.  Therefore it can be expected that doing the latter can create some distress at times, as well as anxiety.  Nevertheless it is reassuring to know that the outcome of counselling is often positive, although, the level of satisfaction for any client, whether an individual or couple or family, is not something predictable. 

The counsellor is the person who continues to support the client therapeutically throughout the counselling process.  Starting this process involves making a first appointment, which can be done by calling at Cana on 22039300 between 8am and 12noon and between 4pm and 7pm from Mondays to Fridays.  A counsellor is allocated to the person who asks for an appointment, and the counselling process begins.  It cannot be emphasized enough that all interactions with the service of counselling at Cana, including the scheduling of or attendance to appointments, consent, counselling progress, and personal records, are confidential.

It may be useful to know that every counselling session lasts approximately one hour between the counsellor and client/s, and further appointments are scheduled according to the clients’ needs.   Although there is no fee fo the service of counselling at Cana, a donation is nevertheless greatly appreciated, especially considering that most of the work that is carried out happens on a voluntary basis.

The premises of Cana Movement are found at the Catholic Institute, Triq San Publiju, Floriana (right opposite the granaries). 

Director: Mgr Charles Attard
President of Council: Dr. Arthur Galea Salomone
General Secretary: Ms Christine Galea, MA
Administrative Secretary: Mro James Chappell

General phone number: 22039300

Postal Address: Cana Movement, Catholic Institute, Floriana FRN 1441

email address: [email protected]

Clicking here will take you to the Cana Movement's website where you can obtain more information about the Counselling Services, as well as the other services offered by Cana Movement, Malta.



Caritas Malta's Counselling and Social Work service.

This unit offers help, through counselling  and social work by Caritas counsellors, psychologists and social workers to individuals with psychological, social and spiritual problems. Counselling is offered on a one-to-one, couple or family basis as the case may be.

Problems range from the family-related to personal issues. These include:
Relationships, parenthood, drugs, alcohol, gambling, usury, financial and material needs, housing, psychological needs, spiritual concerns, legal issues, medical problems and geriatric conditions.

Further information about these services and details on how to contact Caritas Malta can be obtained by clicking here.