We are aware that some of the words and concepts used in canonical circles - like most legal terminology - will not be immediately comprehensible to people with no prior training in this area.

Words like "Petitioner", "Respondent", "Decree" and "Vetitum" may be confusing for some, and the roles of the Tribunal officials (like Judge, Defender of the Bond and Chancellor) may not always be clear. While we try our best to avoid - or explain - any confusing terms, especially in our correspondence with our clients, sometimes such terminology is unavoidable.

For this reason, a Glossary should help make sense of most of these terms. Clicking here will take you to an external site which offers a helpful list of canonical terms and their meanings.

However, if you remain in doubt about a particular word, phrase or concept as it applies to your concrete case, do not hesitate to contact us on the details provided here.